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Steering Group

Alastair Cutting

LIF Chair

Archdeacon of Lewisham

& Grenwich, CofE





Shakeel Begg

LIF Vice Chair

Imam, Lewisham

Islamic Centre




Claire MacDonald

LIF Vice Chair

Minister of

Lewisham Unitarians


Joe Burchell

LIF Treasurer


Catford & Bromley



Peter Farley Moore

LIF Secretary

Team Rector,

St John's Deptford




Gerald Rose


Catford Synagogue






Kim Knappett

Leader, Catford

Community Church






Barbara Robinson Perry

Lewisham Seventh Day

Adventist Church

Raj V


London Sivan Temple







Thecia Geraghty

Forest Hill Quaker


LIF Committee-5.jpg
LIF Committee-10.jpg
LIF Committee-13.jpg
LIF Committee-14.jpg
LIF Committee-6.jpg
LIF Committee-16.jpg
LIF Committee-18.jpg
LIF Committee-15.jpg

Supporting the Steering Group

Megan Mellor

Community Coordinator 

Countering Extremism,

Lewisham Council


LIF Committee-11.jpg

Tara Duffy

Faith & Hate

Crime Coordinator, 

MET Police

LIF Committee-17.jpg

“I have decided to stick to love... hate is too great a burden to bear.”  
Martin Luther King

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